My "one little word" for 2011...
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 01:13PM
Front n Center


Not the jump out of airplanes kind of fearless.

The I have taken back my life kind of fear-less.

I have already begun this journey last year, and have made many changes in my life that have helped me to live my life.

Last year was all about the  "Climb"

That climb didn't last long.

I didn't climb

 I fell


fell hard and deep.

But here I am one year later and after alot of hard work I am ready to start this year continuing on the this fearless path.

Not fearful of what tragedies, or problematic situations may arrive.

Not fearful of saying what I want and don't want.

Not fearful to believe in myself that I can accomplish the goals and dreams I still have.

I am living my own creation...

I want to be serene

and be free

I am my own champion

I have granted myself the power to begin...

 I am not afraid

of tomorrow

for I have seen yesterday...

and I love TODAY!

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