Friday, January 14, 2011 at 10:35AM
Front n Center

Any time you go on a journey there is bound to be some baggage.

Over the last 10 months there have been emotions,

 feelings, and truths that I have had to come to terms with.

Therapy is  a lot like unpacking after a long trip...

unpacking of emotions...

hurts, and anger...

thruths  that were long ago tucked away and forgotten ...

Fears spoken of that were paralyzing

Sometimes I could only handle a peek at truth

but, somewhere along the way

when all the luggage was empty

I started to see glimmers of an authentic self

My heart and mind began to feel restored.

I was no longer walking in the shadows of the past.

No longer trying to replace the irreplaceable.

Able to recognize what was unhealthy in my life.

Today I am carrying alot less baggage... literally

I have torn off my saftey patrol belt.


 I have found my voice.

My heart has begun to heal!

Soul restoration is off to a great start.

You may be thinking

If you've dealt with these things why are you going through this class?...

Well, this is always a hard time of year for me.

I am still in therapy, down to twice a month.

Like Melody Ross says...

You are here for a reason, you are right where you belong.

In therapy I have often been asked to put it all down on paper, write it all out.

That has been hard for me. I would much rather talk and talk and talk.... talk it death actually.

And that is where some of my work needs some re- packing, if you will.

I have some things that need to be put to a final rest.

Some places that have been visited, dealt with, and can now be packed away for good.

So, through the artwork and journaling I will be doing a final extraction.

Yesterday when I was taking pictures for this post I realized that the journal I had picked out fit perfectly into one of my suitcases...

I just love the texture of the cover and all the watercolor papers.

The book will not be a coffee table book.

It will be filled with alot of raw emotion and truth.

So, it is fitting that it would fit in the case. 

 Two more projects from this week..

This I just love....

No big stretch of ingenutiy here, for it looks just like my recent apron post


You could make one of these to hold your daily truths.

What are daily truths?

They are FREE daily truths that you can sign up for and recieve in your email each morning.

Like this one, what a positive way to start your day...

Dear Unforgettable Girl,

Think about your favorite song, your favorite work of art, your favorite piece of clothing. This about the computer you are reading this from and the chair you are sitting on.

Someone, somewhere, at some time had a crazy idea. It was scary to tell others about it. It was scray to make that idea materialize and then to put it out into the world for others to see, use, enjoy -- and judge.

What if the person who wrote your favorite song stayed too afraid to share it? What if yyour favorite work of art stayed under the artist's bed and was never seen by another pair of eyes aside from her own?

YOU have a message. YOU have a mission. YOU have a purpose -- one that is unique to you and will never be able to be duplicated by another human being EVER.

In the beautiful words of Honorable Charles D. Gill:

"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if YOU do not do them"

The world needs you and your beautiful heart. Be brave. Share those parts of yourself.

You can do it. You are so loved.


Sign up here!

They even come with a printer friendly version.

 Have a great weekend eveyone!


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