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Well Hello there! If you've stumbled your way to this blog WELCOME! I'm a widwestern gal who is darn crafty. I love taking all kinds of pictures,  but taking funny ones of myself are my favourite. I am a t.v. and movie addict who can remeber all kinds of movie history, actors names, dates and trivia, however, I cannot seem to remember where I put my purse, keys and sometimes my children! 

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Hi there! My name is Diana Graham .The role I play in life is that of a wife and mother to two great kids.I am an insanely huge movie, music, musicals,and t.v. fan.

About 10 years ago I discovered scrapbooking. For me scrapbooking is alot like what I imagine movie making to be. With scrapbooking I get to be the director as well as the actress, I can build my own sets, write my own scripts,and  be the costume designer. Just like a house stager on HGTV I like to "stage" alot of what I scrapbook. Now don't get me wrong here I also love a candid shot too, but it is  the entire process of thinking and creating with all the options we have in scrapbooking  today  that I am in love with. I don't scrapbook in any order. I scrapbook what I am excited about. Along with my love of " staging  ", I love a good party and all the planning and preparations that go into that. You can view some of the parties I've done and some of my ideas in the Cast Parties section of the blog.