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While I was away...

I had some brushes with fame.

On a recent trip to the Verizon store to upgrade my phone I ran into this woman...

This is Vicky from the Bravo tv show Real Housewives of Orange County.

I did a real double take of her and I know she knew I knew who she was. She seemed in a real bad mood about her phone or laptop issues, so I left her alone. I didn't have my camera with me nor my phone camera ,so I couldn't get a photo with her.

And what do you say to a reality star?

 Gee,I really like you? Sounds kinda silly.


 this guy calls me!

 And he keeps calling me!

This story begins in my scrapbook room. I was reading some blogs when Brad walks in and says there's a phone call for you. I see it says Michael "Buble' is calling.

I don't know what to think.

The back story is I am a member of the Bungalow  Fan  Club or the Michael Buble' fan club.

He is going on tour with his new cd and I am constantly getting emails letting me know about fan club member tickets, events, etc.

I then forward these to Brad sending large hints that this would be an amazing gift opportunity!

So, when I see he's calling I start shaking and literally cannot answer the phone.

When I do answer...

 Michael is not on the line!

 I've missed him!

I am panicking now when suddenly...

He calls again!

I answer again

and again ...

No Michael!

Brad is now cracking up and I realize this is a joke!

I don't know what is funnier...

the joke itself

or the fact that I actually thought Brad had somehow through some crazy connections got Michael Buble' to call me!

 Apparently this new phone I have (a Droid) has this application called fake phone calls!

So he sent me a fake one from Michael!

My last brush with fame took place here...


Where I met her...


 The Donna Downey!

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. We gessoed, painted, watercolored, stamped and embossed.

This was an amazing class. Donna was so much funand FUNNY TOO!

 The perfect kind of class for me... No measuring!

I'm a glue and go kinda girl.

Donna's a paint and go kinda gal. Just put a dollup of paint right on the canvas and get busy. Loved it!

I was so inspired I simply cannot wait to get back from vacation to finish my book and make some more art using some of the techniques I learned in her class.

I met an old friend and even made a new friend, Traci.

You can check out her cool vintage shop here on Etsy.


So sorry I was away so long, I never really meant to go...

I've been making alot of the convertables for orders, gifts, and Christmas outfit requests, including my own!

I am so excited that 3 convertables will be worn by the artists/ performers in this years Willow Creek Christmas services!

I also need some for vacation...

Two of them are a must for the location of my destination...

but more about that tomorrow!



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Reader Comments (5)

I'm so glad you're back!! I missed you :)
What is this I read. You've been holding out on us. A scrapbook room!! need to share pictures! I love seeing pics of creative ladies' spaces!!

December 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Ok number one I would never mess with VIcki when she is in a bad mood. Good girl! Number Two I am taking a class with Donna Downey on the 22nd of Jan.- can't wait!!!! It is a technique class. And last but not least glad you are doing fine I've missed your blog :(. Have a wonderful holiday and the Michael Buble' story is a hoot. Now for sure Brad owes you GREAT SEATS!!!

ahh you're back!! at least your blog music was entertaining me everytime i went to see if there was a new post. I was jsut hoping my rss feeb was broken and there were new posts!

glad you hadfun and had some brushes with fame!

December 22, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternicole

Oh my gosh that is hilrious about Vicki although I totally think you could have taken her! ;) So glad to have met you and I hope you had a great time on your trip!

Happy New Year!!!

January 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTraci

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