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This Magic Moment

In the midst of the cleanup I came across a box of layouts that I had labeled works in progress.

What that means is I had pulled together the paper and the pictures to be scrapped and whenever the crafting bug hits I would pull one out and it would be ready to go.

Unfortunately I did this a lot because this was a rather large box.

Inside this box I found a little gem.

 This is Jeremy at the age of 5. I took this on our way to see the first Harry Potter movie.

He's so little he still has his baby teeth. He's holding up the movie ticket I bought in advance. I know that ticket is somewhere in this house and when I find it I'm going to add it to this...

The items I had originally pulled together for this were a birthday card with Harry on it, but when I took it out I realized grandma had given it to him and her signature was on it so I decided not to use and instead found this paper at the Archiver's.

 I also need to add the journaling. We went with my mom. He was so excited. You can't see it in the photo, but he does have the lightning bolt on his forehead, grandma drew it on him. He's wearing the only wizard kind of outfit we could find. The whole Harry Potter craze had not hit yet so the real costume was not available, but I did manage to find a t-shirt and he is wearing that.

He literally sat on the edge of his seat the entire movie. I also remember watching the first movie and was in love with the creativity of this woman. I had not read any of the books so the movie was for us  the first experience we had with the Harry Potter world.

I said to Brad last night as we were looking at this layout " Where did that little boy go?"

and Brad said " OhDi, he's still in there, but he's a teenager now."

And I couldn't help but think of Harry and his magical invisible cloak....

and that Jer, just like Harry had to grow up sometime...

 and instead of an invisible cloak he is wearing the cloak of teenage hood.

I've been working hard on the convertables I have a trunk show on Thursday. I am hoping to have one of each up on Etsy by Monday.....

It's snowing here.....

A great day to light the fire place and sew!

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Reader Comments (1)

It's been an emotional week for myself. I had to put together a Senior page for Trevor's Yearbook. Last night I cried when Pat and I when to dinner knowing how our life is changing so rapidly. I just want my little boys back when we could pick up and take off for the weekend just us! This getting older stuff sucks! Thanks for sharing Brad is so right that sweet little boy is still there just growing up before your eyes. Can't wait to see your new convertables!
Love ya, Trina

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