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Like old friends

I don't know about you, but I watch movies over and over again. Yesterday I spent the day sewing and while sewing I watched/ listened to a movie I have seen at least ( no exaggeration) a dozen times, Sense and Sensibility. I know the movie so well that I can listen and then just look up at all my favorite parts. While stopping for a lunch break I started to make a list of the kind of movies I have watched over and over again. You know the ones where you are flipping through the channels and you just have to stop and watch it ... AGAIN!

Here's my list

1. When Harry Met Sally

2. Beaches

3. Jerry Maguire

4. both Bridget Jones movies

5. Somethings Got to Give

6. Dave

7. any Jane Austin movies

8. 9 months

9. Sleepless in Seattle / You've got Mail ( i know it's two, but I'm counting as one because the same people are in the movie.

10. and The First Wives Club

These aren't necessarily my all time favorites, they are the ones that always seem to be on t.v. and for me they are like old friends.  What I mean is when I watch them they can take me back  to timesplaces, and memories throughout my life. With When Harry Met Sally I can see my friend Marie and I watching it in the home she lived in during college. I see us in the homes library, with a boat load of snacks sitting on leather couches vegging out and  this movie is playing.

Are you like this too? Or are you a one time only kind of gal?

Do you have any favs you've watched too many times to count?

I'd love to know which ones.

I like to do Get your Freak on Friday's here on my blog, but with the crisis in Haiti I didn't think  we'd be up for that.

But in case you need to get out and you choose to see a movie I can give you my 2 cents  review  on some of them.

Most recently I saw Young Victoria. This movie stars Emily Blunt, you may remember her from The Devil Wears Prada. The movie could easily have been on Pbs as a Masterpiece Theatre production. It was good, but what I loved the most were the costumes, simply breathtaking. Definitely worth a matinee price to see.

Leap Year... HHMMM, How to explain this one?...

Well, I saw this too, most of it anyway. We had to sit closer than I would normally have sat and I had had a glass of wine before going in so I ended up falling asleep.

Without the popcorn to keep me busy, and having to keep squinting and adjusting my eyes to the screen I guess at some point I just gave up and gave in. I saw 3/4ths of the movie... I think. I woke up several times with my head back and my mouth hanging open, but I still can say it was really  a cute movie, or the parts I saw were cute. There is one word for Amy Adams ADORABLE, well no 2... TALENTED!

It's Complicated, Loved it! Mery,l Amazing, Baldwin, (not a fan), but AMAZING too. Very funny, refreshing to see a real woman on screen, and a surprise delight was the character that John Krasinski  ( of the office) plays. He was a scene stealer, and not getting enough credit for his performance. He is laugh out  loud funny!

By now you might be thinking... Gee I thought she would have mentioned 9. Well, I'm afraid to see it since they said it should be called a ZERO. I will still see it, but,  I've been in the mood for more, "it's a sure thing" kind of movies.

Sherlock Holmes, I have to see it again. I loved the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson, truly genuis  performances, the comedic wit and writing was over the top. I want to see it again, because I was literally salivating over the sets, props and costuming. I have heard that Rachel Mc Adams was miscast, I think the problem with her character is she is really not part of the love story,or not yet. The love affair is really between Watson and Sherlock, and franklyI think the studio heads felt they had to have a woman for Sherlock so they threw her in there. There will be a sequel, and that is when they should have had a woman appear for Sherlock.

Just saw 500 days of Summer. Great, can't believe I waited for this on video. Very creative film making. loved the different perspectives part. Very refreshing.

Still have to see Avatar, saving that for a Jeremy and Mom only day.

Sunday's a big t.v. night. The Golden Globes are on as well as Return to Cranford on Masterpiece Theatre. Thank goodness I have a DVR!  Hoping Meryl takes it for playing Julia Child!

I just might have to see that again for the 3rd time, before Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend



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Reader Comments (5)

I'm like you and so are my boy's. Austin can tell you the "Days of Thunder' word for word. Trevor favorite "Rocky Horror and Across the Universe" influenced by Pat. My favorites are quite similar to yours. 1.Sleepless in Seattle/You've Got Mail 2. 13 going on 30 3. Best Friends Wedding 4. Jerry Maguire 5. Step Up 6. Parent Trap (Old and New) 7. Wizard of Oz
8. Coyote Ugly 9. Ferris Buellers Day Off 10. Sense and Sensibility. Oh how I could go on and on... So what ya sewing more convertables???? I wish I could get to the movies as often as you. No one to go with I love the Movies. Pat and I get to go very rarely. I love movie popcorn nothing better. I love it so much the boys bought me a machine for Christmas three years ago. Yum!
Trying to rack my brain for my word "GRACE". I have been waiting for some paper to arrive (Webster Pages) then I will work on January in my calendar. The Tree is amazing such a beautiful layout. I know it will look lovely framed and hung in your home. Yikes January is almost half way through I need to get busy! Have a great weekend my sweet friend ♥

hmmm i'm really behind on my movies. I did get to see Its complicated. I love Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin so it was a good choice. I agree that John Krasinski really stole some scenes. He was fantastic. I part that bugged me and my friend were that the 3 kids were just so damn needy. Its been 10 years since the divorce... get over it. My parents are divorced so I know it is not the end of the world but they made it seem that way.

i'm ashamed to say that I have not seen several of the movies you have listed at repeats. ouch. in fact we were watching sleepless in seatle last night because it was on tv and my boyfriend was ashamed that he has seen it so he felt that i needed to see this pop culture classic .there are several movies like that... pulp fiction is the big one that most people can't believe i have not seen.

my all time repeat movie is dirty dancing. can't get enough of that.

ps- I ordered a converable yesterday. hoping to wear it thursday for my birthday party. :-)

January 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternicole

I'm still chuckling over the visual in my head of you struggling to watch Leap Year and then falling asleep. Oh, you are sooo funny!

I saw that one on Monday and I liked it . Very old fashioned romantic comedy feeling. I also saw Julie and Julia and loved it! That one's that I need to have for my own. I really want to see It's Complicated so hopefully I can get to the theater soon.

On my list of re-run movies.....You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, Under a Tuscan Sun, Mona Lisa Smile, Love Actually. I just know there's others that I'll remember in the middle of the night.

My mom and I usually watch the Globes at our own houses and then call each other at the commercials to talk about the dresses. Looking forward to Sunday for the Fashion Show.

January 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Yes we are the same kind of movie buff's. so much so we just purchased the samsung blueray, that allows you to log on to netflix and watch streaming movies. how great is that, watch what movie you want when you want. Movies are pretty much our entertainment. there is the list that we watch several time again, and like you said it's because they seem to always be on. Here's our list of repeat watching....
Brave heart, A few good men, Jerry McQuire, Gladiator, last of the mohicans, (one of my favorites),
The Notebook, hoosiers, ben hur, matrix, Charlies not much into the chic flics can you tell by our list?
We saw Avatar over the holidays, ,mainly went because i wanted to see a 3D movie, it was amazing! Everything about it. We are definately going to see it again, this time at the IMAX theater.

January 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkim

Hey Di! I love that you have such a good memory. It is fun to think about watching some of your favorite movies with your friends. I love the song that Bette Midler is singing on your music list. Hearing her is synonymous with Beaches and The Rose. It reminds me of so many good times growing up together.

Love your blog. Looking forward to seeing your new Convertables!

January 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarie

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