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Well Hello there! If you've stumbled your way to this blog WELCOME! I'm a widwestern gal who is darn crafty. I love taking all kinds of pictures,  but taking funny ones of myself are my favourite. I am a t.v. and movie addict who can remeber all kinds of movie history, actors names, dates and trivia, however, I cannot seem to remember where I put my purse, keys and sometimes my children! 

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Fire up the DVR

and let the season premiere week begin!

I'm so excited for tonight's episode of GLEE!

Oh how I have missed them.

John Stamos... delicious

Brittney... scandalous?

Who else will make an appearance this season?...

Adam Lambert!!!!

There are some new cast members

New fan merchandise to buy!


As you can see   I've already got mine.

You can check out People for even more things GLEE!

I'm so happy I could....



The Coolest Kid I Know!

  Today my baby turns 15!

10 things you should know about him

1. he's kind

2. sensitive

3. super smart

4. he wears a Doors Shirt everyday!

5. he reads quantum physics books for fun

6. he has two nicknames Jer Bear, which he hates


The Giver, because he isn't a puck hog!

7. he is a comic com regular

8. he has a photographic memory

9. he doesn't like the sun, and never wants to be tan!

10. without fail he comes into my room every night, kisses me on the cheek and says goodnight mom,  I love you!!

I like to say he's the best piece of vintage I own!


Happy Birthday!


 Love Mom!


A visit with an old friend

This is my old friend....

 (kinda blurry, but befitting at the same time)

She's been sitting here in my dinning room.

I've pushed her around.

Ive peeked in on her but,

Up until today I hadn't sat down with her in 4 months.

I opened her up

and like a long lost friend we picked up right where we left off.

  This is the last project I worked on, it's the cover for the tell your story class.

 The idea with the tie was that once I completed the story I would use the tie to hold it all together.

I didn't get very far...

I never did another page other than this one.

 As I revisit the journaling I see the

"Looking forward to..."  at the bottom of the page.

I knew I wanted to create...

create a lovely life, projects and art, but was paralyzed.

My intention when signing up for the class was to work through the issues I was having using my art.

But, I knew deep down inside that I was not REALLY being honest with myself about THE main issue of why I was struggling so.

Oh sure I was in therapy, but  I was dancing around the truth.

So it makes sense to me now that, that is why I walked away from the process of creating.

At that time in my life ...

I would have been scrapbooking a lie.

It's a very powerful thing


 it can eat you up inside


set you free

There is still much work to be done.

And part of that work is...

visiting with my old friend

one who has been my creative outlet for the last 10 years.

Loving that my heart  is beating a bit faster as I touch and play with her contents.

 I'm feeling those old and comfortable feelings of excitement over the ideas that are racing around in my head.

Thankful for the little surprises and treasures she has given me today.

  The finding of  things I forgot I purchased and had tucked away inside  her.


She kept them safe, waiting for me until I was ready.

 Thankful too for my friend Traci, who didn't give up on me and invited me out  to scrapbook this Saturday.

 It's going to rain here for two days, the perfect weather to dive into the basement and reserect my scrapbook room.

(insert of humor)

I did try this back in February but,...

When you think you are dying you clean out your scrapbook room much differently than when you think you may be around a bit longer!

I think there may be more treasures that await me

I can't wait to find out and see!


my other house....

I must  apologise, here I say I'm back and then I disappear ... again.

On Monday I came down with possibly the worst cold/ flu I've had in years.

I think it was extra terrible because I was weaning my self off an anti anxiety pill and I probably should have taken it slower, but i just wanted to be off it. One of the side effects of taking and then not taking it is severe flu like symptoms, so that was probably why, plus boating in the cold and rain on Sunday didn't help!

Back in March is when my depression and anxiety really was in full swing. I was convinced I was dying, I thought I had some sort of cancer and was suddenly terrified of death and dying.

I could not concentrate, all day long i kept hearing these crazy thoughts in my head and could not shut off the doom and gloom tape  from playing in my head.

I had been doing pilates twice a week and even tried to give that up. My trainer suggested that I give spinning a try.  Her advice was to get my endorphins going. I admit that I wasn't thrilled with my first experience, however as of today you could say i'm addicted to it, and absolutely love it!

This is also why i began walking and have since started strength training 3 times a week. Ballet Barre once and yoga once a week. Roughly that puts me in the gym about 2 hours a day 6 days a week.

Now some 6 months later I am in the best physical shape of my life.

I love it so much that I have begun the process to become a pilates instructor and after the new year would love to become a certified spin instructor.


This is the pilates studio.


 Looks scary, but is actually so much fun!


This is my favorite piece of equipment the chair, and my favorite work out pants.

This is where i do the ballet power barre class.

 Then finally ....

most days you can find me here at Jamba Juice. This particular day I was trying a wheat grass shot.

It is said to detoxify you, however the next day I still got a cold!

Well it's off to the the gym for me, have a wonderful weekend !