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Well Hello there! If you've stumbled your way to this blog WELCOME! I'm a widwestern gal who is darn crafty. I love taking all kinds of pictures,  but taking funny ones of myself are my favourite. I am a t.v. and movie addict who can remeber all kinds of movie history, actors names, dates and trivia, however, I cannot seem to remember where I put my purse, keys and sometimes my children! 

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It's 4:30 in the morning and I have been up since 3. I woke up wanting to look for all my mom's pictures. Last year I started to gather them as I would find them, along with the many cards she loved to send everyone. The sad thing is I wish I had more pictures, but she never wanted to take them. I am so thankful I got her to take the photos I posted the other day. Those were taken on Thanksgiving of last year. I think my mom looks so beautiful in that photo.

Last night we found out that surgery is not an option. My mom has decided to go into hospice care as of Thursday.Thank you to everyone who is praying for us. Thank you to my friends who have been there to support me.

Below is an example of how creative my mom is, she made this for me just last week.

It was Halloween nite the witches were ready

they thought up a dish and it wasn't spaghetti

The brew they were cooking , a gouhlish concoction

had spiders and bats and frogs as an option.

Toil and trouble they cackled and screamed,

only us witches can do Halloween!

They jumped on their broomsticks,

flew off in the nite

to pass out their potion with frightful delight.

Trick  or Treat they called out as they flew by the moon

and gone to each goblin a treat sack of gloom!



Today my heart is heavy with a tremendous amount of sadness. A year ago my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the time of the original diagnosis we were praying for a year with her, her goal was to see my sister get married and she made that goal, but now the cancer has progressed and has  taken over her abdominal area. I know I should be thankful for the year we were given, but right now it seems that it flew by too quickly and I'm being selfish here, I want another year!  In the next day or two we are going to learn if surgery is an option to help her quality of life and if we can buy just a little more time. If you are a person of faith I ask you to pray for her, specifically that she not have to endure pain and suffering, and that an operation will work for her. My mother is an amazingly kind and compassionate person. She has never wanted for anything, but to see the ones she loves happy. So that  you know who you are praying for, here is a little tribute to her.

She is the best mother you could ask for

She is kind to everyone, the kind of person who sends her friend an annonmous card with money in it so they can buy groceries and still go to bingo!

She is the most creative person I've ever met, so creative all my friends were jealous of me during school, because they knew I would have the best projects.

She always thinks of others before herself. She loves to buy people things she thinks they would like.

She is a fighter

She loves numbers, bingo, suduko, lottery and vegas

She loves dogs, especially Skippy and her beloved Barney

She makes the best fried chicken and potato salad you will ever eat!

I could go on and on about my mom, but I think you have an idea. She doesn't deserve this, it seems so unfair.

Please pray for my dad as well, as his heart is breaking more than anyones!


Updates and goings on as requested!

I had several emails asking for more pictures of the owl.I took the first set at like 10pm at night and the lighting in the scraproom is poor, so hope these are better in the day light. The great thing about the album is the front cover owl is raised, so after painting the cover and it dried I took some sandpaper to it and it removed the top layer of paint leaving the rest in the deeper areas of the owl.I then used some colored pencil to fill in the eyes, feathers,beak and eyebrows. To finish I used 3 coats of matte mod podge. To make it quick inside I just painted instead of papering the whole thing, as I am currently doing with my cupcake album( see below). Way below.

Some of you may remember my friend who visited me from Maryland;she blew out her knee at the Donna Summer concert.

Well she has had sugery and is recooperating at home. She wanted to duplicate this and see a picture so here it is!

This is a frame from Ikea and basically pretty simple inside. I used Heidi Swapp's worldtraveler line, mostly the map paper and tore it, distressed it, inked it and pieced it into the frame. I added some pictures of my husband and I over  the last 27 years we have known each other, and there you have it. OH, and totally copied Tim Holtz's heart and wings up at the top.

I also recently made this, which is still a work in progress because the contents keep setling to the bottom of the jar. In any case I have seen on several decorating shows the idea of displaying treasures, so when I was redecorating our room I thought I would use this idea to get our 27 years of memories out of the shoe box and up on display. This jar is now what I see every morning and every night . It is filled with concert tickets, great america pictures, ski lift tickets and the most special of all, the letters my then boyfriend wrote to me throughtout the 4 years he was away at college. Think about that for a minute. If you were at school now would you have those from your boyfriend? In his handwriting? With his litle hockey stick drawings? Maybe not, in this techno age you would probably have texts and emails. So I really love looking at that jar and remembering those youthful years and the love that is shared in those pages.

What am I working on now? Well as usual I have several things in the hopper. I don't have  a very long attention span, my mind is always going to the next thing. That is how I scrapbook as well. Right now I have a table outside the scraproom with all the projects I have started and layed out to get done. I am also still decorating for Halloween. Yesterday I got Tim Holtz's new spider web mask and had to try that out immeadiatley. Here is the result. The mirror is from Ikea.

Have you heard of Matthew Mead? I just bougt his Halloween book and he is the reason I cannot focus on scrapbooking! Every idea in his book is fabulous! When I saw his version of the witch wardrobe hanging on the wall I went nuts! So the following is my updated version of his wall hanging. If I had that cool of a wall hanging I would hang mine as well, but for now I've added my Elphaba stuff and I am going to redo the keys tag to say Oz ..... get it?

Other than the cupcake book I need to rescrap this picture. The layout doesn't do it justice. I did his make up for this, and frankly it is Darn good! This was taken when he was in 3rd grade and now he is in 7th. There is way cooler stuff out there for this than what was available back then.

And lastly, the cupcake in progress. Hopefully by next week I will be able to show you my coffee cup album and some other projects from Wilna's class at sistv cupcakes and coffee. My computer died without a back up hard drive in the middle of her class, so i am playing catch up this weekend. That was the cutest class ever. Next week look for some hopefully great photos since I will be taking the online photo class from Courtney DeLaura  from sistv!



I made this little mini book of Ella titles U R A  Hoot, super fast and easy . I used the Maya Road chipboard album, Hambly stickers and some paint. Viola!

As I said this is my new favorite picture, so I had to use it on my October calendar!