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Well Hello there! If you've stumbled your way to this blog WELCOME! I'm a widwestern gal who is darn crafty. I love taking all kinds of pictures,  but taking funny ones of myself are my favourite. I am a t.v. and movie addict who can remeber all kinds of movie history, actors names, dates and trivia, however, I cannot seem to remember where I put my purse, keys and sometimes my children! 

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Still Unwritten

I did this layout a while back. The date is current, because I change the date and then hang it up in my scrapbook room. I like to see this as a reminder of the POSSIBILITY each day brings. Every day we have choices. Each day starts out like a blank page, fresh and new. It is up to us to try and make the most out of  each and every day.



It's starting to get a little SPOOKY around here!

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This ones for you Jeremy

For any one reading this that doesn't know me personally Danke Shane is "our song" for my son Jeremy and I . Why Danke Shane? Well, one of my favorite movies EVER is Feris Buehlers Day Off and the scene in paticular that I love is the parade scenes. For some reasonwhile Jer was a baby I would dance around the kitchen and sing him that song and to this day he never tires of hearing how we did this and although he would not want any of his friends to know this .... if I start singing it he will still dance with me.  So this song is dedicated to him. 

13  memories or things I love about you!

1. You in your fuzzy yellow sleeper dancing around the kitchen to Danke Shane

2. That you never played with things the way they were designed to be played with.

3. That you are sensitve, caring and loving.

4. until you were 12 you had to kiss me goodbye at the bus stop and as the bus drove away you flashed me the "i love u sign".

5.You are an individual, not afraid to be different and unique.

6. You are almost as a big movie fan as me.

7. The riding in the  backseat commando...... except for the karate belt story.

8. Your hockey nick name is " the Giver"

9. That you have dreams and goals for yourself.

10. Thumb Wars,Bat Thumb, and Franken Thumb.

11.You will sometimes still "pose" for my photo shoots

12.That your 13 and growing up, voice is changing , I almost need to look up at you, and you are 3 years away from driving!

13. One of the best days of my life was the day I gave birth to you.  I love you



In the motherhood

A funny nugget of comedy. If you are not familiar with a little online show called In the Motherhood then you are in for a treat! I have followed this show and I think it is HILLARIOUS. The show stars Leah Remi, Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy. Don't forget to pause the playlist first, then press play on the youtube screen.
You can find the episodes online HERE. When you tune in you will initally see the bloopers, but if you roll your mouse over the bottom you will see mini pictures of past episodes, so all you have to do is press onto one of the pics which will stop them from rolling and they will play. My personal favorites are the hardware store with Leah Remi and the 1st episode that introduces Jenny's character. The episodes are real short, just enough to give you a good chuckle. ABC has just picked up the idea and has ordered 13 episodes for primetime viewing. However, as of now it is set to star Chelsea, Megan Mullally of Will and Grace, and Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm.So Not sure where the future of this online jem is,so go take a look before they pull the plug!