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Well Hello there! If you've stumbled your way to this blog WELCOME! I'm a widwestern gal who is darn crafty. I love taking all kinds of pictures,  but taking funny ones of myself are my favourite. I am a t.v. and movie addict who can remeber all kinds of movie history, actors names, dates and trivia, however, I cannot seem to remember where I put my purse, keys and sometimes my children! 

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A stolen heart

The other day this guy came down stairs looking like this...

This is Brad playing Clark Kent.

Funny because he's using my photo props, and I didn't have to make him!

He realy is my Superman.

My best friend

My soul mate...

the love of my life

Once upon a time ...

on July 17th 1982 he stole my heart

and has held it captive ever since.




 This came from a class I took from Wilna last year. i think in the original her idea was a heart inside the box with the bars on it.

The box is from Hobby Lobby, my dad cut out the top and added the bars for me.It was sitting on my shelf for a year. So, yesterday I decided to make a little Valentine out of it.

The paint is Tim Holtsz worn lipstick crackle paint. I then went over it with some of his aged photo inks that are in the dropper form. I just used it like a stain and washed it over the whole box with a rag and a brush.

I'm still working on Valentines decorations for the house, hope to post over the weekend.

Today I'm taking Jeremy on a mom son Valentines date to see Avatar, it's a surprise that we are going to see it in the fancy movie theatre.

Sunday I'm making my favorite Ina Garten recipe Parmesan chicken and red velvet cupcakes for desert.

What kinds of plans do you have?...




all you need is LOVE...

and the House of 3!

Not done with this yet, but my snow bound friend Marie was looking for something to do today.

I used House of 3's Valentine banner, Valentine backgrounds and for the Love words I used the Monogram set.

The big poofs are coffee filters, I used smooch spritz to make mine red.

So fun, I ran out of filters, so I will post the complete picture tomorrow.


where we are...

The view from our front door. We are expecting 7-10 inches of snow. No homework! Going to spend the night making Valentines decorations for my fireplace. I made a picnik slideshow of the photo carousel that I worked on at the crop I went to on Saturday. It's probably one of my most favorite things I've made. I used two of the photo carousels and put them on top of one another. I need to tell you that this needs some rigging. My dad is going to rig it so that it doesn't topple over, but for now it's holding steady. I then put the largest ring at the top and then went to the middle ring on down to the smallest. I have plans to use the 3 rings for from the 2nd carousel set as mobiles, to hang things from in my scrapbook room. This is the saying on the tag at the top of the carousel. Carousel is from 7 gypsies. Love the Gypsies! In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” The metal initials and the hanging medalions are from Hobby Lobby. enjoy!


During your time spent here on my blog you may have noticed that I am a very visual as well as musical person.

Most Friday's it is "Get your Freak On Friday" around my house. I love to pick a dance tune or some song that is stuck in my head and drive the kids to the bus stop with it playing.

I have been in a funk lately.

I think it is the cold and gloomy weather.

This can be a very slippery slope kind of time for me. The weather is calling for comfort kinds of food.

Last June I embarked on the goal to loose the 20 pounds I had gained after my mom passed and Brad was sick. I had spent those 9 months not really feeling like I wanted to work out and...

I didn't.

I also began cooking for my dad and those meals were all easy to prepare, and freeze comfort meals. While I was making them I also made the same thing for us....

and I ate it!

The result was not too pretty, I remember going to California and seeing the pictures when we came home and not liking what I saw.

But, more importantly I didn't like how...

  I felt.

Once those pounds were off I made myself the Valerie Bertenelli promise...

I was not going to wake up on New Years day on a diet!

And I didn't...

I woke up and ate pop tarts for breakfast.

and i was thrilled!

But one pop tart...

  turned into  a daily event and...

 I started not feeling so good again.

I am happy to say I am  7 days off the pop tarts and...

I feel Great!

Been a little mia here and that's because I'm huffing and puffing with my  favorite work out buddy Charlene Johnson!

7 days ago I heard this song on the radio.

So funny that I've heard this song a zillion times, and it never really effected me like it did  that day.

I have used it as my work out motivator.

I don't love working out.

I will never be a size zero.

I'm okay with that.

I just like the feeling of opening my closet and putting something on and feeling really good in it.

And when I am eating pop tarts and have slipped into a food coma...

I can't do that.

I'm still climbing

not for perfection,

 but for the best that I can be.

And   Right Now    this is it.

When I feel like putting it off...

 I think about this song

and if need be,

listen to it super loud,

rock'in it out in my house!

 what do you need to do Right Now?

 Need some motivation?...

This AMAZING woman will be doing this tomorrow! Check her out!


 and last but not least.....Drumroll........

Ta da!

 Our winner is.....


please email me your address!

I'm scrapbooking from 10-8 tomrrow, I hope to have alot of stuff to show you all next week!

Have a great weekend...

It starts



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